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This morning I woke up to a room filled with cat carnage, discovering boxes of cross stitch bric-a-brac upside down on the floor and DMC floss strewn right across the room. The night before I had allowed our 18-month-old cat Paul, and his little co-conspirator (8-week-old Sunny) to sleep in my room.

On my bed that is.

Not in the cross stitch cabinet.

sleeping cat among a mess
This is just part of what greeted me this morning. Paul blissfully unaware and little Sunny MIA.

I can’t really blame the cats though, I did go to bed with the doors open and two male cats free to roam.

two tabby cats lying on the bed together

Paul and his little mate Sunny. Hard to believe these two little angels were the culprits.

And if that is not enough, just now I’ve had to go and rescue our third cat, 10-month-old Midnight (Middy), from the fire escape that encircles the adjacent building.

The Rescue

When my son and I arrived home from grocery shopping about 30 minutes ago, we heard Middie’s unique cries coming from somewhere outside. Considering all three cats were locked inside before we went out, we were astonished to find him three stories up and stuck out on a fire escape landing. In a completely different building.

We still have NO IDEA how he got there.

Anyway, after a lot of meowing and a bit of critical thinking, I found an old ladder against a wall in the waste area of the complex — ironically it was leaning next to a faded sign that said ‘no pets in the building‘.

I managed to extend the ladder between the fire escape landing and a neighbour’s balcony and put a piece of plywood on top of it so the cat wouldn’t fall through.

Then with an opened can of cat food as bait, I managed to coax a fearful and shaking Middie halfway across the ladder. Once he was in reach I grabbed him by the front legs and literally dragged him the rest of the way. I must have looked a sight with my bottom in the air and both arms extended through the steel railings.

But it worked.

He’s downstairs right now gobbling down the ‘bait’ and I’m about to clean up all cross cross stitch mess on my floor.

And that cross stitch friends, was my cat adventure for the day.

How about you? Do you stitch with cats?

black cat on cross stitch projects
Though not guilty of any cross stitch crimes, I’ve just had to rescue Midnight from the fire escape using an old ladder, a piece of plywood, and a can of cat-food.

Cats in Cross Stitch

If you love your cats as much as we do, here’s a bit of feline inspiration for your next cross stitch project.

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