good neighbours by john w. waterhouse in cross stitch


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Got at question about the quality of our cross stitch charts, buying a pattern, or downloading your purchase? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions so you can get stitching right away, or jump over to our online support desk.


What do you sell here on Cross Stitch Patterns Online?

We sell digital cross stitch patterns in PDF format.

In our store you’ll find a huge range of beautiful projects to stitch — everything from sweeping landscapes, famous artworks, and wildlife — to fancy Christmas decorations, remembrances and bookmarks.

Whether you are looking for a project for the weekend, or the whole winter, there is something for you in our store.

Even better, once you’ve paid for your chart you’ll have instant access to the files — so you can get stitching right away.

Do you sell cross stitch kits?

No, at this time we only sell digital PDF cross stitch patterns.

You need to purchase the cloth, thread, and needles separately.

Do you sell other types of embroidery patterns?

No. All our patterns are for counted cross stitch or petit point.

What do I receive with my purchase?

Each purchase includes:
– PDF chart in full colour, condensed onto a single page.
– PDF chart in full colour, enlarged over multiple pages (with chart map).
PDF chart in black and white, enlarged over multiple pages (with chart map).
– PDF chart in black and white, formatted for Pattern Keeper App.
– Preview image of the finished project.
– Floss labels template to print onto adhesive paper then attach to bobbins or organiser.
– Thread key with project stats, fabric dimensions, and floss estimates.

How much do the cross stitch patterns cost?

For simplicity, our cross stitch patterns are priced according to the size of the chart.

MICRO — $3.50 (<7cm).
MINI — $6 (7-10cm).
SMALL — $8.50 (10-15cm).
MEDIUM — $11 (15-30cm).
LARGE — $13.50 (30-50cm).
EXTRA LARGE — $16 (50-80cm).
SUPERSIZE — $18.50 (80-100cm)
HUGE — $21 (>100cm)

Send us your own photo, drawing, or painting and we’ll create a counted cross stitch chart that works perfectly with Pattern Keeper App. You can pre-select the project size, maximum colour count, and palette (DMC, Anchor, etc).

SIMPLE — AUD$50 — converting a photo or artwork into cross stitch with minimal editing to the image.

COMPLEX — AUD$75 — extracting elements from a photo or artwork and creating a cross stitch pattern.

REMEMBRANCE — AUD$100 — fully personalised cross stitch to remember the special people in your life or celebrate special occasions.

Send us photos, drawings, favourite, key dates, remembrance messages etc and we’ll create something unique and beautiful for you to stitch.

All prices are in AUD Australian dollars, but you can use the currency converter in the menu bar to see prices in your own currency.

Do the charts work with the Pattern Keeper App?

Yes. Your purchase includes an extra chart specially formatted for Pattern Keeper App. This includes customised charts.


Do I need an account to buy a cross stitch pattern?

Yes. This allows you to download your cross stitch patterns and keep track of everything you have purchased.

How do I pay for a cross stitch pattern?

Purchasing is very easy and you can use your credit card or PAYPAL account.

Once your payment is approved your cross stitch pattern is available instantly — you don’t even have to wait for the confirmation/receipt email.

What currencies do you accept?

We are an Australian business but sell cross stitch patterns to customers all over the world. Our base currency is AUD but we support payments in 20+ currencies.

If you have location services enabled on your device it will default to your local currency. You can also select from the different currencies in the menu bar.

We do not charge currency conversion fees.

Please remember: the final payment is transacted according to the official exchange rate at the time of sale.

What happens to my personal information, is it secure?

Our website and eCommerce platform is encrypted with SSL certificates and your financial data is never visible to anyone here at Cross Stitch Patterns Online.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we collect and store your personal information.

Do you provide refunds?

Our cross stitch patterns are high quality and we are committed to making sure your order is correct.

If we sent the wrong chart, or something is missing from your download pack please get in touch straight away. Everything can be resolved with a polite email.

That said, if you’re genuinely not happy with something you purchased from us you may request a refund in writing.

Each refund request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Refunds will not be processed because you simply changed your mind.

For more information, please read our Refund Policy.

Are there restrictions on how I can use the patterns I buy from this website?

Yes. All our patterns (including free and sample charts) are copyright and licensed to a single user.

Our patterns may not be distributed to other people in any form. This includes (but is not limited to) photocopies, scans, photographs, websites, emails, social media, and smartphone apps.

What does ‘licensed to a single user’ mean?

When you buy or download an embroidery pattern from our site you can stitch the pattern as many times as you want, yourself. If your family or friends like the designs they need to buy and download their own copy.

What does ‘shared, copied, or resold’ mean?

Shared — you cannot share digital or printed copies of our patterns with other people eg, embroidery clubs, Facebook groups, family and friends.
Copied — you cannot make additional copies of the patterns to give to other people.
Resold — you cannot sell our patterns on websites or in printed and kit form.

Can I share copies of free patterns and sample with my friends?

Our free and sample charts are copyright and are licensed to a single user. If you think your friends or family members would like the patterns, just share out the store links so they can download their own legal copy.

Can I use the patterns to make artwork to sell?

We don’t mind if you use our patterns to create finished handcrafts, home decor, clothes or art pieces to sell, provided you acknowledge Cross Stitch Patterns Online on the product label and/or product description. We also appreciate a link back to original product page in our store.

ALLOWED — stitch one of our patterns then sell the finished project on Etsy, as long as Cross Stitch Patterns Online is acknolwedged in the product description.
ALLOWED — stitch a design and give it to a friend as a gift.
PROHIBITED — assemble cross stitch kits from our patterns to sell.
ALLOWED — stitch a design then donate it to sell at a charity fundraiser.
ALLOWED — use our patterns to make greeting cards and sell at at a craft market, as long as Cross Stitch Patterns Online is acknowledged on the price label, sticker or description card.


I’ve lost my cross stitch pattern and haven’t finished my project, can you send it again?

No problem. Just login to your account and download the file again. You have lifetime access to all your purchases.

If it was a free chart you can ‘purchase’ it again from the store.

I’ve just paid, when will I receive my cross stitch pattern?

As soon as your payment is approved you can get your pattern.

A download link will appear on your screen, or you can also access the files from the confirmation email or by logging into your account.

Does the download link expire?

PAID CHARTS — the link never expires. You have lifetime access to all your purchases.

FREE CHARTS — the link to some of our free charts expire after 2 download attempts or 30 days. Check each listing for details.

I tried to download my cross stitch pattern but it keeps saying ‘Access Denied’. What now?

We do apologise, there’s been an error while uploading the charts to our secure server. Please fill out the contact form with your details and we’ll get your charts over to you right away.

I just downloaded my cross stitch pattern but the file is wrong/missing/corrupt? What now?

We humans here at Cross Stitch Patterns Online create all the patterns and upload them to encrypted storage one by one — and sometimes we make mistakes. Please accept our apologies and don’t worry, we’ll get this sorted out.

Just follow fill out a contact form with your details and we’ll be in touch with the correct chart. Expect a reply within a few hours unless it’s Sunday. Sunday is our rest day.

How do I open the .ZIP file on my device?

To make is easier for emailing, we compress your download pack into a .ZIP file. Unzipping the file is easy, but if you are having problems here are the instructions for a range of devices.

Mac Users
PC Users
iOS Users
Android Users


How do I access my account with Cross Stitch Patterns Online?

Cross Stitch Patterns Online uses sophisticated eCommerce software which allows lifetime access to all your orders, patterns, coupons, and gift certificates. Login to your account here.

screen shot of account page @ cross stitch patterns online

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Fill out the contact from and make a request in writing.
We will contact you to verify your identity and delete
your account within 72 hours.

IMPORTANT: once deleted all your personal data and transaction history will be erased and your account cannot be restored. This includes all your previous purchases, free patterns, coupons, store credits and gift vouchers.

Are my payment details stored in my account?.

For a quick and easy shopping experience, our sophisticated store allows you to save your credit card details.

Your payment information is encrypted and can never be viewed by the staff, managers, or owners of Cross Stitch Patterns Online. Ever.

To save your details, just login to your account and select PAYMENT METHODS from the account dashboard.

How do I change my account password?

To change your password login to your account and select ACCOUNT DETAILS from the dashboard.

You’ll need to enter your current password before entering your new details.

For more details, check our support desk articles in the troubleshooting section.

screen shot of password reset page

Printing and Viewing

Can I print out the charts?

Yes. The Zoom Black and White Chart is formatted for A4 (short bond) and the best one for printing. You’ll find this in your download pack, either as a standalone file or embedded in the main pattern.

We suggest only printing out the pages you need including the Thread Key and Chart Map. Don’t forget to set the printer for ‘grayscale/black and white’ printing.

Do the charts work on Pattern Keeper App?

We include an extra chart, especially formatted for Pattern Keeper App in your download pack. Look for the words PATTERN KEEPER in the file name.

Remember that Pattern Keeper does not currently recognise backstitch, beads, and specialty stitches. So, even though we include Pattern Keeper charts for projects with embellishments, you’ll still have to use to the standard chart to finalise your project.


Do you support the patterns?

Yes. We fully support the cross stitch patterns, eBooks, and courses on our website. If you’re having a problem we encourage you to check the articles at our online support desk before emailing us. Sometimes it’s quicker.

Above all, please remember that each (and every) pattern on this site was designed and charted by a live human being — and sometimes we make mistakes.

Everything can be resolved with a polite email.

How do I contact customer service?

You can email us on, message use on Facebook, or email

We usually in touch within a few hours — remembering that we are located in the Asia-Pacific region (Perth, Singapore, Manila) and may be asleep when you message us.

If you need help immediately we have an extensive list of articles at our online support desk. It may be quicker to check those first.