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When I was home in Australia last month I found a top-quality suitcase on someone’s front lawn — with a note saying FREE, PLEASE TAKE ME. So I did.

When I got it back to my parent’s house, I found that not only did the suitcase have the original price tag and sales receipt (yes it’s still under warranty) but it contained — wait for it — Aida cloth, cotton quilt batting, linen cutouts, and a sewing box.


So I used the suitcase to get all my old sewing books and patterns (plus the stuff that was inside) back over to the Philippines and just this morning I stitched one of the linen cutouts onto a canvas tote bag. I just love it.

I think it looks great and so much better to use something a bit hand-made as a shopping bag than plastic throwaways or impersonal bags with the name of the supermarket on the side.

Happy Tuesday friends, may you find something magical today plus some time to stitch and sew.


Here is the other floral cutout I found in the suitcase — I stitched it up later in the day. All that’s left now is to decide whether to give them away as Christmas gifts, or use them myself as shopping bags.

Sunny cat on a canvas tote bag

As you can see, our little cat Sunny has already taken up residence.

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