From the Vault: floral borders

Today we were flicking through some old pattern books and thought we’d share these cute floral borders. Originally published in Germany around 1900, the colourful designs will look great on table runners, tote bags, cushions, bookmarks, or bed runners.

We’ve charted one of the designs for you, and the others you can download here to chart yourself. Or share with your friends.

Just remember that the original patterns were scanned and made available by the Antique Pattern Library, so any commercial use of the patterns is strictly prohibited.



We love the bright pinks the artist has used in the original designs. Try DMC Cranberry, Jade, Light Mauve, and Cocoa to replicate.

This floral repeater could brighten up the border of a canvas tote bag or bath towel.

Charted pattern for free

We love this cute little floral design (with four-leaf clover for luck), so we spent an hour or so charting it up for you. Just scroll down to grab your own copy.

Don’t forget that colours appear differently on-screen and you can expect the actual design to be much brighter than this.

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Stitch these cute violets to brighten up an ecobag or bed-runner.

Copyright Information

The vintage cross stitch patterns displayed in this blog were originally published by Heinrich Kuehn in Germany (circa.) 1900. The floral emblem with clover was charted and embellished by Melinda J. Irvine (Cross Stitch Patterns Online) from a scanned copy provided by the Antique Pattern Library.

The patterns are provided to you free of charge and you may share with your friends and family for personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

The Antique Pattern Library do an incredible job of collating and sharing vintage needlework patterns, please support their work and respect their copyright.

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