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And We Continue Fishing Cross Stitch Pattern

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No. 4 of the Sancta Series

Cross stitch a beautiful symbol of endurance, human strength and persistence — in DMC Corals, Apricots, Antique Mauve, Topaz and other sunset tones.



And We Continue Fishing cross stitch pattern was inspired by the gorgeous sunset painting by artist, philosopher, and peace activist Nicholas Roerich. The painting is part 4 of the Sancta Series — 6 paintings symbolising a spiritual journey.

The Painting

As the red afternoon sun falls, four fisherman ply the coastal waters and continue to fish. Their blackened frames can be seen hauling in nets and paddling the wooden boats.

It’s a beautiful symbol of persistence, physical strength, and human endurance.

Matching Charts

Check out the other charts in Nicholas Roerich’s Sancta Series — six paintings symbolising the spiritual journey of a Christian.

The Artist

Nicholas Roerich lived between 1874 and 1947 and was famous in his own country for painting scenes from ancient history (look for the Viking and Slavs series in the shop).

In his later years he travelled extensively through India, Mongolia and Asia, capturing the essence of the Indian and Nepal Himalayas — as well as themes and symbols from the world’s great religions. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism.

What we particularly love about the artworks of Nicholas Roerich is the way they evokes a deep sense of peace, tranquility and stillness. Perfect for cross stitch.

Keep calling back to the store as we add more amazing cross stitch projects featuring the artworks and visions of Nicholas Roerich.


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Pattern Keeper


14 Count Aida Cloth 300 x 208 stitches (54.4 x 38.1cm)


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