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Black Dahlia Cross Stitch Pattern

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Looking for a cross stitch pattern that’s bold, retro, and not too hard to stitch?

How about this monochrome of a single dahlia flower each floret beautifully defined by white stitches on a black Aida background?



Our Black Dahlia cross stitch pattern is a replica of a 1920s woodcut design by Dutch graphic artist Julie de Graag.

Dahlia flowers are famous for their bright, luminous colours, and we love the artist’s decision to reduce the flower to monochrome. This makes the blossom’s individual florets even more defined and creates a stunning effect when stitched on black Aida.

The Project

The project is stitched in a single colour — white — which absolutely pops against black Aida cloth. We think you’ll enjoy stitching the original artist’s insignia and year (1920), which reinforces the overall vintage appeal. But if you prefer, you can easily leave it out.

This design looks great inside a long wooden frame or on the front of a black canvas tote, so there are plenty of options.

The Artist

If you love Black Dahlia cross stitch you might enjoy other projects inspired by the artwork of Julie de Graag. Ms de Graag lived between 1877 and 1924 and produced a fantastic body of monochrome and minimalist art pieces.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 7,658 stitches (24.1 x 51.7cm)


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