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Mariniere Bratz Cross Stitch Pattern

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Marvin Raphael Original

Cross stitch a gorgeous brown skinned fashionista in classic navy stripes.



Who doesn’t love a sailor stripe? This stylised Bratz girl certainly does.

Marvin Raphael’s Bratz-inspired cross stitch pattern is so sexy and chic, you’ll love stitching her full lips, deep brown skin, and hip hugging mariniere dress in DMC turquoise, peacock and white violet.

HINT: try stitching Mariniere Bratz Cross Stitch on plain black Aida cloth.

The Project

This is not a full coverage project if stitched on 14 count black Aida cloth. You’ll be completing 17,779 stitches and the finished piece measures approcimately 88.7cm x 59.9cm.

We’ve rated this project challenging due to the project size, black Aida and confetti. To make things easier, look for the extra Pattern Keeper chart in your download pack.

The Artist

Marvin Raphael Monfort is an artist, writer, and fashion designer from the Western Visayan region of the Philippines. We just love his anime and textile art, as well as his signature use of cosmetics and fashion objects as raw materials. Check out more of his work exclusive to Cross Stitch Patterns Online.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 Count Aida Cloth 17,779 stitches (18.7cm x 59.9cm)


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