Chequered Swallowtail Butterfly Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross Stitch the Wild

How about cross stitching a gorgeous wild butterfly with full antenna and proboscis?

This awesome pattern is brought to you exclusively with the permission of Faunaverse Wildlife Books and Photography.



Chequered Swallowtail Butterfly cross stitch pattern was inspired by a Faunaverse photograph, taken in the wild. This gorgeous insect is one of the world’s most widespread butterflies and found in many parts of Australia. We just love it’s bold markings, distinct antenna, and big black eyes.

The Project

This awesome shot of the chequered swallowtail butterfly requires 25 DMC colours to cross stitch the texture and shape of the butterfly’s wings and thorax in vivid detail. We’ve removed the background for you, but suggest a wide landscape (light turquoise) with the foliage and flowers sitting on the right margin.

The Artists

Faunaverse Wildlife is series of books created by field zoologist Alex Dudley and his wife Jane. Together Alex and Jane  explore Australia’s wild places — photographing vulnerable species, writing cool poems, and educating the wider community on wildlife conservation and better landcare practices.

Alex is also a working zoologist and fauna survey consultant to Australian government departments, while Jane is a musician and writer. Check out more Faunaverse charts exclusive to Cross Stitch Patterns Online.

SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE PROTECTION: Alex and Jane Dudley of Faunaverse Wildlife have dedicated their lives to conservation, land restoration, and the protection of Australia’s vulnerable species. 50% of the purchase price of this chart goes directly to Faunaverse to help them continue their important work.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 16,333 stitches (47.4 x 40.5cm)


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