Crimson Rosellas Cross Stitch Pattern

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Do you love Australian birds? How about cross stitching this pair of crimson rosellas on the tips of an old she-oak?



Crimson Rosellas cross stitch pattern was inspired by an illustration in the Australian classic guidebook The Bird’s of Australia. Despite being more than 150 years old, the artwork is a beautiful representation of one of Australia’s most beloved parrots.

The Artwork

Elizabeth Gould drew the beautiful illustration entitled Pennant’s Parakeet (Platycercus Pennantii) for her husband John’s famous book The Birds of Australia, published from 1840-1848 in eight volumes.

The Project

Crimson Rosellas cross stitch is a very challenging project and requires 131 different DMC colours to bring to life these gorgeous parrots and their bright coloured plumage.

The project is not full coverage, so you’ll only be stitching the male and female rosellas on a spray of she-oak twigs. On 14-count Aida cloth the cross stitch measures 48.3cm x 76.9cm and you’ll be completing 34,647 stitches.

The tricky elements are the cascading she-oak foliage, tree branches and tail feathers. These areas have a lot of confetti to create texture and depth in the design.

PLEASE NOTE: your download pack contains an extra chart that has been specially formatted for Pattern Keeper App. We recommend using PK to manage your cross stitch projects.

The Artist

Elizabeth Gould was an Australian artist and lithographer famous for ornithological drawings in John Gould’s The Birds of Australia. If you love Australian birds you’ll love the patterns we have charted from Elizabeth Gould’s original drawings. Check them out in the store.

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Additional information

Full Coverage

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Chart Specs

Grid: 266 x 424
Cross Stitches: 34,647
Size: 43.8 x 76.9cm
Fabric: 14-count Aida cloth
Palette: 131 DMC colours


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