Departing Tmutarakan Cross Stitch Pattern

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Folktale Cross Stitch

Looking for a bold and bright design for your home or workspace?

This recreation of a Russian folktale is an awesome cross stitching challenge and uses the most stunning colours.



Departing Tmutarakan Cross Stitch was inspired by a series of book illustrations by Russian artist Boris Zvorykin (early 20th century). Like many of his contemporaries, Zvorykin created his own illustrated edition of the Russian folktale The Tale of the Tsar Saltan.

Our cross stitch project is based on the second illustration from Zvorykin’s book — when the Tsar Saltan leaves his home country of Tmutarakan and his wife’s sisters begin their treachery.

We simply adore the strong outlines and bold colour palette in Zvorykin’s illustrations, and you’ll have fun replicating them in swirling tones of DMC Sea Green, Turquoise, Orange Spice, Christmas Red and Topaz.

It’s quite a big project but there are still large blocks of single colour to stitch. The tricky elements are the city buildings, brickwork, and aureole sun. We recommend using Pattern Keeper App to manage your project.

Boris Zvorykin was a Russian artist and illustrator who lived from 1872 – 1942. He published many illustrated books of folktales. His gorgeous Art Nouveau illustrations and typography make wonderful cross stitch projects.

Look for more charts in Zvorykin’s Tsar of Saltan series as well as his other published works.


This is Illustration #2 from Boris Zvorykin’s publication of The Tale of the Tsar Saltan. We have more in this fantastic cross stitch series.

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Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 247 x 360 stitches (44.8 x 63.3cm)


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