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Forest Fairies (Set of 2) Cross Stitch Patterns

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Cross Stitch from the Woodlands

Save more than 33% with our Forest Fairies cross stitch bundle. Now you can create your own fine art gallery of mystical beings.



If you love the fairy paintings of Luis Ricardo Falero you’ll love this stunning cross stitch twin-set. With our Forest Fairies cross stitch bundle, you’ll receive charts of Falero’s Poppy Fairy and Lily Fairy — both painted in 1888.

The Projects

These two projects are large, full coverage cross stitch. They have a lot of confetti and require at least 99 different DMC thread tones. Here are the details in brief but we suggest visiting the individual product pages of both charts before making your purchase:

  • Lily Fairy — 200×400 stitches (36.3 x 72.6cm 14-Count Aida) 100 DMC colours.
  • Poppy Fairy – 250×441 stitches (45.4cm x 80cm 14-Count Aida) 99 DMC colours.

PATTERN KEEPER: due to the size and complexity of these projects we recommend using Pattern Keeper App to manage Lily Fairy and Poppy Fairy. You’ll find extra PK charts for both projects in your download pack.

The Artist

Luis Ricardo Falero was a Spanish painter who lived between 1851 and 1896 who painted the most amazing female nudes, mythical scenes, and fantasy paintings. We are thrilled to recreate them here in cross stitch just for you.

Additional information

Full Coverage

Pattern Keeper

Chart Specs

Grid: 200 x 400
Cross Stitches: 80,000
Size: 36.3 x 72.6cm
Fabric: 14-Count Aida Cloth
Palette: 100 DMC colours

Grid: 250 × 441
Cross Stitches: 110,250
Size: 45.4cm x 80cm
Fabric: 14-Count Aida Cloth
Palette: 99 DMC colours


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