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Foxes in the Snow Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross stitch two feisty foxes foraging for food in the winter snow. We think you’ll love the mix of DMC copper and chocolate tones against the snowy backdrop.

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Foxes in the Snow cross stitch pattern is a celebration of the sleek and beautiful red fox. If foxes are your inspiration this project is sure to generate some playful fox energy as well as beauty, intelligence, agility, and good luck.

The Project

We’ve charted this project as a full coverage cross stitch and the finished piece measures 54.4cm x 35.7cm (59,100 stitches) when completed on 14-count Aida cloth.

The foxes and snow-covered foliage are the tricky elements, plus the mix of DMC Blanc and Winter White is also challenging. That said, you could save yourself more than 24,000 stitches by stitching on white Aida cloth and omitting the DMC Blanc.

We are a Pattern Keeper Supported Designer so your download pack includes an extra chart that will work perfectly in the App. Due to the tricky white elements, and the 117 different threads/symbols, we do recommend using PK to manage this project.

More Foxy Cross Stitch?

Love foxes? Check the store f0r our growing library of cross stitch patterns that feature the world’s most beautiful, cunning, and mischievous foxes.

Additional information

Full Coverage

Pattern Keeper

Chart Specs

Grid: 300 x 197
Cross Stitches: 59,100
Size: 54.4cm x 35.7 cm
Fabric: 14-count Aida cloth
Palette: 117 colours

14 count Aida cloth


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