Garden at Sainte-Adresse Cross Stitch Pattern

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Impressionist Masterpiece

Turn your favourite wall space or frame into an art gallery with this fantastic fine art cross stitch.

A group of fashionably dressed people (circa 1867 France) enjoy a seaside view, sunshine and bright floral gardens. Flags, smokestacks and rippling waves indicate the sea-breeze being enjoyed by the family gathering.



Garden at Sainte-Adresse Cross Stitch was inspired by the 1867 oil painting ‘La terrasse à Sainte-Adresse’ by French Artist Claude Monet. The painting is currently on display at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) in New York, USA.

The Painting

Monet painted Garden at Sainte-Adresse at a time when his mistress Camille (later to become his wife) had fallen pregnant. Penniless and desperate to earn money he left her in Paris and went to stay with his family. And to paint.

It was his family (including his father, uncles and cousins) who modelled for this beautiful painting. And we just love the way he has captured the magnificent sunlight shadows and sea-breeze — alongside the bright flowers, rippling waves and haute couture garments.

The Project

We’re thrilled to offer you this beautiful cross stitch project (though be warned) — it’s a large chart (67cm wide) and has quite a  bit of confetti to capture the waves, shadows, cloud, smokestacks, and foreground greenery.

It’s totally worth the effort to recreate those amazing florals, shadows, and seaside views. A true masterpiece for your home or office.

The Painting

Here’s a bit more about the painting from The MET website:

Monet spent the summer of 1867 with his family at Sainte-Adresse, a seaside resort near Le Havre. It was there that he painted this buoyant, sunlit scene of contemporary leisure, enlisting his father (shown seated in a panama hat) and other relatives as models.


The Artist

Claude Monet was a French painter who lived from 1840-1926 . He spent much of his working life living in poverty, but still managed to produce a huge body of work.

He was fundamental in the development of the Impressionist art movement, and along with contemporaries Renoir, Sisley, and Bazille, began to paint in the open air.

In later years (as he developed cataracts on his eyes) his paintings reflected his distorted perception of colour. He is famous for his garden paintings, seascapes, and water lilies — look for more of them here in the store, they make amazing cross stitch projects.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 Count Aida Cloth 371 x 280 stitches (67.3 x 50.8cm)


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