Giraffe Cross Stitch Pattern

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How about cross stitching the world’s tallest land animal? The stunning African giraffe.

The simplicity of this design makes the finished project an awesome statement piece for your home decor.


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Our gorgeous giraffe cross stitch pattern is a simple design on a dark background, specially developed for black Aida cloth.

The Project

We’ve done our best to recreate this magnificent animal in full colour using DMC Red Copper, Rosewood and Orange Spice. You’ll need 19 different DMC colours and you’ll be completing 18,386 stitches.

It’s a stunning design with a few tricky elements, but our charts work perfectly with the Pattern Keeper App. We recommend using 14-count black Aida cloth for this project.

The Wild

Giraffes are natives of the African continent and can stand nearly 20 feet tall (even newborns can be more than 5 feet high). Their distinct colouring, long eyelashes, and kind faces make these animals popular with us humans everywhere.

Love African Wildlife

Giraffes are one of the world’s most gorgeous creatures, and we just love their unique spots and long gentle eyelashes. We are developing more giraffe cross stitch patterns plus lots of other wild animals so be sure to bookmark our store.

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Additional information

Pattern Keeper


Grid: 280 x 213
Design Size: 50.8 x 38.6cm
Fabric: 14 count Aida cloth
Stitches: 18,386 stitches
Palette: 19 colours


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