Giving Face Cross Stitch Pattern


Respect, Honour, Dignity

Cross stitch a beautiful symbol of respect, esteem, and inclusion.

Marvin Raphael has generously allowed us to transform his fantastic cosmetic art into a stunning cross stitch pattern that packs a lot of meaning into every single stitch.



Recreate the stunning textures and a deeper symbolic message behind Marvin Raphael’s original cosmetic art.

Giving Face cross stitch is a beautiful reminder of the power of our words and actions, and the esteem they can give (or take away) to the people we love or meet on the street everyday.

We also love the androgynous nature of this artwork and the opportunity to bring cross stitch to new spaces in our broad and beautiful human community.

HINT: to really bring Giving Face cross stitch to life we suggest using natural Aida cloth or unbleached linen for the background fabric.

In Montfort’s own words …

This beauty is literally made from cosmetics. I am committed to having a low carbon-footprint so using my sister’s expired makeup was a happy way to create new artworks.

Marvin Raphael Monfort is an artist, writer, and fashion designer from the Western Visayan region of the Philippines. We just love his anime and textile art, as well as his signature use of cosmetics and fashion objects as raw materials. Check out more of his work exclusive to Cross Stitch Patterns Online.

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Chart size


14 Count Aida Cloth 122 x 174 stitches (22.1 x 31.6cm)

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