Glory to the Hero Cross Stitch Pattern

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Turn your home or studio into a fine art gallery with this stunning cross stitch.

We think you’ll adore cross stitching this bold symbol of female empowerment, and the luminous pastel palette.



Glory to the Hero cross stitch pattern was inspired by a 1933 mystical painting by Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. If you look closely at the animated hero in this stunning design — in full battle dress and astride a rearing horse — you’ll notice she’s a woman.

The Artwork

The dark divided background of the artwork creates a diptych (design separated into two panes). On the left a quiet nun stands in contemplation, her textured robes bearing the rich hues of the stained glass windows. The nun’s gaze cleverly directs us to the right panel, and the conquering hero.

The right panel is ablaze with glory. The horse and rider appear to be leaping in through the window and each pane of the stained glass (as well as the rider’s facial expression and battle dress) are carefully defined in rich colours.

Perhaps the warrior woman on horseback is Joan of Arc, Roerich painted other tributes to Jeanne d’Arc. But whoever she is, she’s the ultimate symbol of confidence, strength and energy. Perfect for lady cross stitchers seeking inspiration.

The Project

We won’t kid you, this is a big project and there are a lot of thread changes. We’ve kept the design true to the original painting and this required splatters of colour to recreate the light penetrating the stained glass, the nun’s textured robes, and worn paneled floor.

The DMC palette is gorgeous and a delightful mix of warm pastels against rich dark browns. You’ll need 99 different thread tones and we’ve gone over the pattern carefully to ensure that each colour is well used.

We believe the design will look best if you stitch the full background in DMC Black Brown, but if you’re keen to save time you could stitch Glory to the Hero cross stitch on black Aida cloth. This will also work.

The Artist

Nicholas Roerich was a Russian painter famous for his mystical paintings of the Himalayas and ancient Russia. Keep calling back to the store as we add more amazing cross stitch projects featuring the artworks and visions of Nicholas Roerich.

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Chart size


14 count Aida cloth 400 x 330 stitches (72.6 x 59.9cm)

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