God Speed Cross Stitch Pattern

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Looking for a new cross stitch project? How about this fantastic replica of a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite painting?



God Speed cross stitch pattern is a detailed replica of the 1900 oil painting by British artist Edmund Blair Leighton. In this emotive scene, a maiden is farewelling a young knight and tying an embroidered red sash around his arm, pleading with him to return the sash (along with himself) safe and well.

It’s a beautifully detailed piece and looks just like the original painting including the knight’s chain mail armour and helmet, army of horse-clad soldiers, gargoyle, rose bush, and (of course) the maiden’s embroidered gown and golden hair.

The Project

Our large full-coverage cross stitch measures 39.9cm x 55.0cm (220 x 303 grid) when completed on 14-count Aida cloth. The project requires 99 different DMC colours and you’ll be completing 66,660 cross stitches. We’ve included an extra chart in your download pack that has been specially formatted for the Pattern Keeper App to help you manage your project.

The Series

We’ve charted all three paintings from Edmund Leighton’s Code of Chivalry series. The paintings were extremely popular at the turn of the 20th century and were well-received by the Royal Academy. Now you can stitch them for yourself.

The Artist

Edmund Blair Leighton was a British artist who lived between 1852 and 1922. He is famous for his stunning interpretations of medieval legends and romantic scenes in the style of the Pre-Raphaeliete and Romantic period artists. We are busy charting a large number of his paintings into cross stitch patterns that look just like the original artwork but work perfectly in the Pattern Keeper App.

Additional information

Full Coverage

Pattern Keeper

Chart Specs

Grid: 220 x 303
Cross Stitches: 66,660
Size: 39.9cm x 55.0cm
Fabric: 14-count Aida cloth
Palette: 99 DMC colours


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