Good Neighbours Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross Stitch Friendship

How about cross stitching a fantastic scene of friendly banter and neighbourhood gossip. Just what are those ladies imparting over the garden wall?



Good Neighbours cross stitch pattern is a replica of an 1885 oil painting by British artist John William Waterhouse. It’s a relaxed scene of women chatting over a boundary wall, filled with postive emotion and expressive energy.

The wet washing, the textured brick, the smiling faces, the little girl playing (with one shoe missing), the pink flowers, the mum relaxing with her feet up. It’s a fantastic scene to cross stitch but we must warn you, this is a challenging piece.

The Project

Good Neighbours cross stitch is a large full coverage project that measures 72.6cm x 52.1cm (400 x 309 stitches) when stitched on 14 count Aida cloth. We’ve rated the project ChallengingPLUS as there is a lot of confetti (thread changes) and you’ll need 136 different DMC thread tones.

If you’re excited by a challenge though, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning piece of art that is sure to bring positive energy to your favourite wallspace.

PATTERN KEEPER: for a better stitching experience, look for the extra chart in your download pack that has been specially formatted for the Pattern Keeper App. Due to the size and complexity of project, we recommend using PK to manage Psyche and the Golden Box cross stitch.

The Artist

John William Waterhouse was an English painter who lived between 1849 and 1917. He was famous for his paintings of Arthurian legend, mythology, and literary characters.

His paintings are incredibly lifelike, and we adore his natural backgrounds of wildflowers and mysterious water pools. Check out more cross stitch patterns inspired by John William Waterhouse here in our store.

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Chart size


14 count Aida cloth 400 X 309 stitches (72.6 x 52.1cm)

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