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Human Skull Cross Stitch Pattern

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Looking for a creepy cross stitch for your next Halloween or Day of the Dead party? How about this simple human skull in plain black stitching?



Our human skull cross stitch pattern is a simple but stunning design that only requires a single colour. DMC 310 black thread. Measuring 20.0 x 26.1cm it’s the perfect size for canvas tote bags and A4 picture frames.

While our cross stitch makes an awesome Halloween decoration or trick-or-treat bag, don’t limit yourself to holiday-themed displays. The design was originally painted in the early 1920’s as a symbol of ‘Memento Mori’ or ‘remember that we all have to die’, so it will never be out of place in a trendy hallway or sitting room.

Do you love human skulls and old bones?

Browse our full range of cadaver cross stitch here in the store. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, make sure you bookmark the page because we add new charts to the store every week.

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14 count Aida 110 x 144 stitches (20.0 x 26.1cm)


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