Lady Writing a Letter Cross Stitch Pattern

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Create your own private art gallery with this detailed replica of  Johannes Vermeer’s 1670 masterpiece Woman Writing a Letter, With Her Maid.



Lady Writing a Letter Cross Stitch pattern was inspired by a 17th-century painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The original painting is incredibly life-like and features stained glass windows, floral upholstery, exquisite garments, and background artwork. The textures, lighting, and detail of the facial expressions are just incredible and you’ll be delighted by how much our cross stitch project resembles the original painting.

The Project

This is a large, full-coverage cross stitch that measures 59.9 x 72.6 (330 x 400 grid size) when completed on 14-count Aida cloth. You’ll need 121 different DMC colours and some patience to complete the tricky background wall with family painting and drapes. The project has 132,000 cross stitches.

This is a challenging piece, so we recommend using Pattern Keeper to manage your project. Look for the extra PK chart in your download pack, it works perfectly in the Pattern Keeper App.

The Artist

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter who lived between 1632 and 1675. He only produced about 36 paintings in his lifetime, but each of them is revered for the incredible use of light and form. We have charted a number of his artworks into cross stitch patterns, including his most famous work: Girl With a Pearl Earring.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper

Chart Specs

Grid: 330 x 400
Cross Stitches: 132,000
Size: 59.9cm x 72.6cm
Fabric: 14-count Aida cloth
Palette: 121 DMC colours


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