Maple Leaves in the River Tatsuta Cross Stitch Pattern

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Geisha Kimono in Cross Stitch

How about this water-themed cross stitch that combines the elements of earth, water, and energy flow?

Maple leaves in the variegated colours of autumn fall into the river and make a beautiful contrast against the dark waters, silver ripples, and shining swirls.



Maple leaves in the River Tatsuta cross stitch pattern was inspired by the fabric on a dance kimono for Japanese geisha, created between 1920-1940. The kimono is currently held at the Rijksmuseum, Museum of the Netherlands.

The Project

The original silk fabric translates perfectly to counted cross stitch and you’ll have fun replicating the rippling water and autumn coloured maple leaves floating on its surface.

The project itself is tricky in places — using black and 2 x shades of navy blue to achieve the authentic look of the water. But with some concentration you will be rewarded with a truly unique showpiece to display in your home or office.

Here’s a bit more about the original silk kimono from the Rijksmuseum website:

Dance kimono for geisha (susoshiki), with a decoration on the sleeves and bottom of scattered maple leaves in stylized water features, referring to the river Tatsuta, famous for this autumn scene. Black crepe silk (chirimen) with a painted yuzen decoration in white, red, blue and green, with detailing in silver and gold foil. Lining of light gray silk.


More Japanese designs

We adore this design and are excited about creating more patterns from Japanese art and vintage photographs. Autumn leaves falling onto swirling river water feature in many Japanese artworks — including the work of Katsushika Hokusai (one of Japan’s most famous artists). Keep calling back to the store as we upload more and more Japanese inspired cross stitch projects.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 Count Aida Cloth 195 x 169 stitches (35.4 x 30.7cm)


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