Memento Mori Cross Stitch Pattern

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Looking for a unique and unusual design that’s not too difficult to stitch?

How about this black and white depiction of a human skull and the Latin phrase MEMENTO MORI in big bold type?

Using just black thread on white Aida cloth, you’ll have it stitched in a couple of weekends.



Our Memento Mori cross stitch pattern was inspired by a 1916 woodcut by Dutch painter and graphic artist Julie de Graag.

It’s a bold Art Nouveau project and will definitely be a talking piece in your home, office, shop, or shed.

The Latin

Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘remember you must die’. In fine art, it’s a symbolic representation of the inevitability of death and was a popular art genre in the 17th Century — though many modern artists (like Picasso) have also explored the theme.

The human skull is a common motif of the Memento Mori art genre — along with the hour glass, clocks, burned candles, fruit, and flowers.

The Artist

Julie de Graag lived between 1877 and 1924 and painted in the Art Nouveau style. She lived through several tragedies, including the loss of her home and many of her artworks in a fire. She was constantly troubled with poor health and artwork works in her final years are noted as increasingly morose (like the Memento Mori cross stitch). Check the store for more Art Nouveau cross stitch projects inspired by the work of Julie de Graag.

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Chart size


14 count Aida cloth 15,881 stitches (28.1 x 37cm)

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