Monkeys and Parrot Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross stitch some jungle magic and bring a famous French painting to your favourite wallspace.

It’s totally gorgeous.



Our Monkeys and Parrot cross stitch pattern was inspired by the 1905-06 oil painting ‘Singes et perroquet dans la forêt vierge’Monkeys and Parrot in the Virgin Forest by French painter Henri Rousseau. The painting is currently on display at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, USA.

It’s an unusual depiction of a group of monkeys peeking out of the thick jungle foliage — along with a bright parrot, tropical fruits and rising dark red sun.

The plants, foliage and flowers are well defined and have these amazing outlines and thick colour changes. They are loads of fun to stitch — if you are up for the challenge.

You will find the Monkeys and Parrot Cross Stitch project quite tricky as there are a lot of similar thread tones and thread changes across the same line. But persevere, and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing piece of art to display in your home or office.

We’ve tried to be as true as possible to the original painting, but felt it best to blur out the artist signature, which (in the original painting) is very faint in the bottom left corner. There’s still a hint of it (in orange) in our chart.

PROJECT TIP: this is a complex chart and we recommend using Pattern Keeper App to manage the project.

Henri Rousseau was French tax collector who lived between 1844 and 1910. He taught himself to paint in his spare time and never received formal training in the arts. Much of his work was ridiculed during his lifetime until he was championed by Pablo Picasso toward the end of his life. He is famous for his unusual jungle scenes and alluring subject matter.

We adore the work of Henri Rousseau and have charted many of his artworks. You can check them out in our cross stitch store.

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14 count Aida cloth 213 x 256 stitches (38.6 x 46.4cm).

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