Nighthawks Cross Stitch Pattern

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American Masterpiece

Cross stitch one of America’s most famous paintings — Nighthawks — by Edward Hopper. This detailed replica will look amazing in your living room, entertaining area, den, or office space.

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Nighthawks cross stitch pattern was inspired by the iconic 1942 painting by American artist Edward Hopper. The eerie scene, depicting three customers in an all-night New York diner, is one of the most recognisable symbols of American art and pop culture.

Our project looks just like the original painting including the sharp lines and box shapes that repeat throughout the design as well as the ‘PHILLIES’ advertising sign which overarches the diner.

The Project

This is a very large, full coverage cross stitch and the finished piece measures 94.3cm x 51.3 cm (520 x 283 stitches) when stitched on 14 count Aida cloth. The project requires 135 different DMC colours and you’ll be completing 147,160 stitches.

We recommend stitching from the right-hand side, that way, if you get overwhelmed by the size, you can leave out the section left of the ‘PHILLIES’ sign.

It’s a challenging project because we used a lot of confetti to give the design some depth, so we definitely recommend using Pattern Keeper to manage your cross stitch. Look for the extra PK chart in your download pack.

The Artist

Edward Hopper was an American artist who lived from 1882 until 1967. He is famous for his contribution to American Realism and bringing the ‘everyday’ into his paintings. We’ve transformed some of his paintings (that are now in the public domain) into beautiful cross stitch projects. Check them out here.

Additional information

Full Coverage

Pattern Keeper

Chart Specs:

Grid: 520 x 283
Cross Stitches: 147,160
Size: 94.3cm x 51.3 cm
Fabric: 14 count Aida cloth
Palette: 135 DMC olours


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