Optical Mandala Cross Stitch Pattern

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How about this beautiful mandala that hints at vision, growth, and spiritual energy? Stitch in our bold raspberry and pewter, or experiment with your own colour palette.



Optical Mandala cross stitch pattern is based on a vintage chart we found in an old pattern book,  published in Europe around 1915. It’s part of a series of three mandalas that have similar design elements and colourings.

What we especially love about this pattern is the curious eye and vine shapes that suggest vision and growth. If you’re interested in the Chakra energies you might like to substitute our pewter and raspberry tones for something a little more subtle and within the scope of ‘third eye’ hues.

The Project

This is an easy cross stitch project that measures 14.7cm x 14.7cm (5,307 stitches) when completed on 14 count Aida cloth. It’s lot’s of fun to stitch repeating designs and the chart is simple enough for you to easily introduce extra colours.

Pattern Keeper

We are a Pattern Keeper supported designer so your download pack contains an extra chart that has been specially formatted for the App.

Matching Charts

Optical Mandala Cross Stitch Pattern is part of a set of three matching charts. You can buy them separately, or save up to 40% by purchasing in the set.

More Geometrics and Mandalas

Do you love geometric patterns, mandalas and repeating designs? We do too. You will find lots more in the store. If you’re drawn to the spiritual nature of this cross stitch pattern you may also like our New Age category.

Additional information


Chart size


Grid area: 81 x 81 stitches
Dimensions: 14.7cm x 14.7cm
Fabric: 14 count Aida cloth
Cross Stitches: 5,307
Palette: 3

Accent Colours





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