Pink Cockatoos Cross Stitch Pattern

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How about cross stitching Australia’s famous pink and white galah — the truly gorgeous Major Mitchell Cockatoo?



Our Pink Cockatoos cross stitch pattern was inspired by a wildlife drawing in the Australian classic guidebook The Bird’s of Australia (1840-1848). It’s a gorgeous representation of a pair of Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos.

The Artwork

Elizabeth Gould drew the beautiful illustration entitled Leadbeater’s Cockatoo (Cacatua Leadbeaterii) for her husband John’s famous book The Birds of Australia, published from 1840-1848 in eight volumes.

The Project

Pink Cockatoos cross stitch uses 53 different DMC pastels to represent a pair of Major Mitchell’s cockatoos. The male cockatoo is displaying his signature pink, red and white plumage, while the female snuggles into his wing.

The project is not full coverage, so you’ll only be stitching the two birds and a scattering of eucalyptus foliage. On 14 count Aida cloth the cross stitch measures 24.7 x 36.8cm and you’ll be completing 13,884 stitches, so it’s very manageable.

The Artist

Elizabeth Gould was an Australian artist and lithographer famous for ornithological drawings in John Gould’s The Birds of Australia. If you love Australian birds you’ll love the patterns we have charted from Elizabeth Gould’s original drawings. Check them out in the store.

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14 count Aida cloth 13,884 stitches (24.7 x 36.8cm)


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