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The Sleeping Gypsy Cross Stitch Pattern

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French Masterpiece in Cross Stitch

How about cross stitching this famous French painting? It’s a surreal nightscape, incredibly beautiful and true to the original painting.

A lone gypsy sleeps under a big moon and scattering of stars, close by a menacing lion brings us into his gaze.



Sleeping Gypsy cross stitch pattern was inspired by the famous 1897 oil painting by French painter Henri Rousseau. The painting is currently on display at the The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in New York (USA).

A wonderful cross stitch project for anyone wanting to reproduce a French Masterpiece, we are especially proud of this chart and its exotic depiction of a gypsy sleeping in the desert under the stars (and the gaze of a wild lion).

The Project

Sleeping Gypsy cross stitch is a large, full coverage project. It measures 70.2 x 45.4cm when stitched on 14 count Aida cloth and requires 44 different DMC floss colours.

We’ve tried to be as true as possible to the original painting, but felt it best to leave out the artist signature, which (in the original painting) is very faint in the bottom right corner.

We think you’ll have lots of fun reproducing the lion’s menacing stare, the stripes of the musician’s dress, and the luminous night sky. The finished piece will look amazing in a rustic frame.

The Painting

Here’s a bit more about the painting from the MoMA website:

With its flat planes of pure colour, simple geometric forms, dreamlike atmosphere, and exotic subject, The Sleeping Gypsy at once conjures a desire for a preindustrial past and asserts its status as a new kind of modern art; the details of the lion’s unnerving eye and the figure’s zipperlike teeth evidence the artist’s singular pictorial imagination.


The Artist

Henri Rousseau lived between 1844 and 1910 and never received formal training as a painter. Much of his work was ridiculed during his lifetime until he was championed by Pablo Picasso toward the end of his life. He is famous for his unusual jungle scenes and exotic subject matter.

Look for more Rousseau cross stitch patterns — we are big fans of his paintings.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 387 x 250 stitches (70.2 x 45.4cm)


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