Sleepy Catmint Cross Stitch Pattern


Cat lover’s cross stitch

Cross stitch our gorgeous sleeping cat in mint green and cream, inside thick black outlines.



Sleepy Catmint cross stitch pattern was inspired by a 1918 woodcut design ‘by Dutch painter and graphic artist Julie de Graag.

It’s a simple design of a sleeping cat in DMC mint creme, mocha and cream, on black Aida cloth. The mocha shades along the background edges add detail and depth to our catnapping kitty.

The Project

Sleepy Catmint cross stitch pattern is NOT a full coverage project. The finished piece measures 42.1cm x 26.3cm when stitched on black Aida cloth but you’ll only be completing 18,673 stitches.

The Artist

Julie de Graag lived between 1877 and 1924 and painted in the Art Nouveau style. Her paintings and drawings focused on everyday subjects like domestic pets, farm animals, insects and spiders — as well as leaves, flowers, and people of the village.

Her work is defined by thick outlines and a minimalist colour palette (very often just black and white). Check the store for more Art Nouveau cross stitch projects inspired by the work of Julie de Graag.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 Count Aida Cloth 232 x 145 stitches (42.1 x 26.3cm)


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