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Soul of the Rose Cross Stitch Pattern

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I said to the rose, “The brief night goes”

How about cross stitching a beautiful young maiden enjoying the sweet scent of pink roses. This design has so much texture you can almost feel the soft petals against your hands.



Soul of the Rose cross stitch pattern is a replica of a 1908 literary painting by British artist John William Waterhouse. The painting was inspired by the poem Maud, written by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

This is a truly beautiful cross stitch that recreates the painting in detail including the pale pink roses, the garden wall, the maiden’s glowing complexion, her copper red hair and soft floral gown.

The Poem

Here’s an extract from the poem that inspired the original artwork. Like most poetry by Tennyson, the words are lyrical and flow like soft rain.

I said to the rose, “The brief night goes
      In babble and revel and wine.
O young lord-lover, what sighs are those,
      For one that will never be thine?
But mine, but mine,” so I sware to the rose,
      “For ever and ever, mine.”

And the soul of the rose went into my blood,
      As the music clash’d in the hall;
And long by the garden lake I stood,
      For I heard your rivulet fall
From the lake to the meadow and on to the wood,
      Our wood, that is dearer than all.

The Project

This is a full coverage cross stitch that measures 32.7 x 49.9cm (180 x 275 stitches) when stitched on 14 count Aida cloth. We’ve rated this project Challenging as the project requires 175 different DMC colours and many of them are very similar pink, grey, and pastel tones.

PATTERN KEEPER: for a better stitching experience, look for the extra chart in your download pack that has been specially formatted for the Pattern Keeper App. Due to the size and complexity of project, we recommend using PK to manage Soul of the Rose cross stitch pattern.

The Artist

John William Waterhouse was an English painter who lived between 1849 and 1917. He was famous for his paintings of Arthurian legend, mythology, and literary characters.

His paintings are incredibly lifelike, and we adore his natural backgrounds of wildflowers and mysterious water pools. Check out more cross stitch patterns inspired by John William Waterhouse here in our store.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


Grid size: 180 X 275 stitches
Fabric: 14 count Aida cloth
Dimensions: 32.7cm x 49.9cm
Stitches: 49,500
Palette: 175


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