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Spider in a Web Cross Stitch Pattern

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Looking for a fantastic retro design to cross stitch? How about a spider spinning a golden web?

This project is set on DMC black Aida cloth with the web completed in hazelnut brown, winter white and mahogany cross stitches. It’s a gorgeous project, but very challenging.



Spider in a Web cross stitch pattern was inspired by a 1918 woodblock print by Dutch artist and designer Julie de Graag. It’s one of our favourite patterns and looks amazing on black Aida cloth.

While we aren’t 100% sure, we do think the artist has drawn a Cross Orbweaver (aka European Garden Spider). The orange and white markings are incredibly striking, and the large white dots on the spider’s abdomen do form a cross.

The Project

Spider in a Web cross stitch pattern may well be the most challenging pattern in our library. It has a very large surface area and you’ll need about a metre (square) of black Aida cloth. The spider’s body is approximately 20cm x 27cm and is the main stitching area.

The web and the spider’s 8 legs stretch out to the edges and are all completed in full cross stitches. The warm DMC palette is just lovely and looks incredible against the black Aida cloth.

PLEASE NOTE: your download pack includes an extra chart that has been specially formatted for Pattern Keeper App. We recommend using PK to manage this large, complex project.

The Artist

Julie de Graag lived between 1877 and 1924 and created work in the Art Nouveau style. Her paintings, drawings and wood cut designs focus on everyday subjects like domestic pets, farm animals, insects and spiders — as well as leaves, flowers and people of the village.

Her work is defined by thick outlines and a minimalist colour palette (very often just black and white). We love her black backgrounds as they are perfect for DMC black Aida cloth.

Browse the store for more Art Nouveau designs by Julie de Graag — she is one of our absolute favourite artists.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 450 x 500 stitches (81.6 x 90.7cm)


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