Still Life With a Curtain Cross Stitch Pattern

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French Art in Cross Stitch

Create your very own fine art gallery with our detailed replica of Paul Cézanne’s beautiful still life painting.



Still Life With a Curtain cross stitch pattern was inspired by one of Paul Cézanne’s beautiful oil paintings. Completed in 1895, the painting has been with the The Hermitage Museum in Russia since 1930. We think you’ll enjoy stitching the brightly coloured peaches and floral pitcher alongside the muted blues and greens in the patterned curtain, table dressing, and background wall.

The Project

This is a large, full coverage cross stitch that measures 50.8cm x 37.2cm when completed on 14 count Aida cloth (280 x 205 grid size). It’s a challenging project for experienced stitchers but the finished piece closely resembles the original artwork. To make things easier, we’ve included an extra chart in your download pack that works perfectly with the Pattern Keeper App.

The Artist

Paul Cézanne was a French painter who lived between 1839-1906. He painted in the post-impressionist style and is often referred to as the father of Cubism and even Modern Art itself.

We are big fans of Cézanne especially his still life paintings and the Card Players series –look for these (and many more) in our growing section dedicated to this extraordinary artist.

Additional information


Chart size


Grid Size: 280 x 205
Dimensions: 50.8cm x 37.2cm
Fabric: 14 Count Aida Cloth
Stitches: 57,400
Palette: 142 Colours

Accent Colours




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