Still Life with Skull Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross stitch a 19th Century still life masterpiece by Paul Cezanne — this chart replicates the intricate detail of the original painting

Behind a background of dark foliage and shadows, a human skull stands on a table, alongside a variety of fruit and crumpled fabric.

We think you’ll love stitching the rustic colour tones and bold textures.



Still Life with Skull Cross Stitch was inspired by an oil painting by French Artist Paul Cézanne. The painting is currently on display at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, USA.

Paul Cézanne was a French painter who lived between 1839-1906. He painted in the post-impressionist style but is often referred to as the ‘father of Cubism’.

The Painting

Still Life with Skull was completed between 1890 and 1893 in the ‘Final Period’ of his work. This final period was a troubling part of his life where he had separated from his family, living (and painting) as a virtual recluse.

The skull, surrounded by a variety of fruit, fabric and foliage makes an interesting combination. We especially like the mix of dark green and blue tones against the light orange and yellow of the fruits.

Another interesting feature of this painting are the orange smudge marks in (and around) the eye sockets of the skull. Historians suggest these are stains from another painting. We’ve kept them in the chart.

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We are big fans of Cézanne’s work and are progressively transforming his amazing paintings into cross stitch projects for you to enjoy. If you liked Still Life with Skull cross stitch, check them out instore.

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14 count Aida cloth 200 x 166 stitches (36.6 x 30.1cm)

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