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The Bedroom Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross Stitch Van Gogh’s Bedroom

How about cross stitching Van Gogh’s bold interpretation of his bedroom. Our awesome cross stitch patterns allows you to recreate this famous masterpiece in vivid detail.



The Bedroom cross stitch pattern was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s beloved painting of his bedroom in Arles. We just love the incredible colour scheme and the three little paintings on the wall above the bed — can you spot the faint whisps of Van Gogh’s orange beard in his tiny self-portrait?

The Project

Our cross stitch project recreates the bedroom scene in stunning detail, and we did our best to replicate Van Gogh’s original colour palette. Be warned though — our chart is more than 72cm across and requires 104 different DMC thread tones. It’s going to take some stitching.

Are you up for the challenge? This cross stitch will look amazing in your home, shop or office, and is sure to be a talking point for many years.

PLEASE NOTE: your download pack includes an extra chart specially formatted for Pattern Keeper App. We recommend using Pattern Keeper to manage this large, full coverage project.

The Painting

Van Gogh painted three versions of The Bedroom and our chart is based on the second in the series. Here is a little more about the painting, including Van Gogh’s own words:

Van Gogh conceived the first Bedroom in October 1888, a month after he moved into his “Yellow House” in Arles, France. This moment marked the first time the artist had a home of his own, and he had immediately and enthusiastically set about decorating, painting a suite of canvases to fill the walls. Completely exhausted from the effort, he spent two-and-a-half days in bed and was then inspired to create a painting of his bedroom.

As he wrote to his brother Theo, “It amused me enormously doing this bare interior. With a simplicity à la Seurat. In flat tints, but coarsely brushed in full impasto, the walls pale lilac, the floor in a broken and faded red, the chairs and the bed chrome yellow, the pillows and the sheet very pale lemon green, the bedspread blood-red, the dressing-table orange, the washbasin blue, the window green. I had wished to express utter repose with all these very different tones.”

Art Institute of Chicago

The Artist

If you love our cross stitch replica of La Chambre à Arles,  grab a coffee and browse our growing library of Van Gogh inspired projects. We’ve charted many of Van Gogh’s most famous artworks, maybe you’ll find your own favourite there.

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Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 400 x 313 stitches (72.6 x 56.8cm)


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