The Card Players Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross stitch The Card Players and bring a masterpiece to your favourite wallspace.

Three men sit playing cards, watched in the background by a boy and another man standing against a detailed wall. The chart is true to Cézanne’s original artwork and works perfectly with Pattern Keeper App.



The Card Players cross stitch was inspired by the oil painting ‘Les Joueurs de Cartes’ by French Artist Paul Cézanne. The painting is one of  a series of 5 paintings of card players, and is currently on display at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, USA.

The Project

The Card Player Series is one of the most famous works by Paul Cézanne and some of the paintings have fetched record prices  (more than US$250 million for just one in 2011).

The one we are featuring in our charts is the largest and most complex of the series. It’s an amazingly beautiful project to stitch and replicates the original textures and authenticity of the characters.

It’s a large, full coverage cross stitch requiring 32 different DCM colours and measures 54.4 cm x 39.9cm. Despite the large chart size there really isn’t a lot of confetti (speckling) and you’ll find many blocks of single colour.

The Players

Here’s a bit more about the painting from the Barnes website:

For much of the 1890s, Paul Cézanne lived at his father’s estate in Aix-en-Provence, where he made paintings of the local landscape and the people who worked on the property. Here, Cézanne shows a group of farmhands enjoying a game of cards—one of five canvases he devoted to the subject. In this one, the largest and most ambitious of the series, Cézanne gives these humble figures an imposing presence, depicting them on a scale usually reserved for grander subjects like history or mythology.

The Barnes Foundation

The Artist

Paul Cézanne was a French painter who lived between 1839-1906. He painted in the post-impressionist style and is often referred to as the father of Cubism and even Modern Art itself.

We are big fans of Cézanne especially his Four Seasons series and some of his landscapes and forests — look for those as we add more patterns of Cézanne‘s work in the store.

Additional information


Chart size


14 count Aida cloth 300 x 220 stitches (54.4 x 39.9cm)

Accent Colours




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