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Tsar of Saltan Cross Stitch Pattern

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Cross stitch up some fairy tale magic with our fabulous Tsar of Saltan project.

We think you’ll adore stitching the handsome hero’s billowing cape and sleek white horse in this energetic scene.



This bright cross stitch project was inspired by a Russian Folktale and a series of book illustrations (1925 France) by artist and illustrator Boris Zvorykin.

The Artwork

Our cross stitch project is based on the 1st illustration from Zvorykin’s self-published interpretation of the Tsar of Saltan. If you haven’t heard of the fairytale it’s very famous in Russia and many different versions exist as books, poetry, opera, plays, and animations.

DID YOU KNOW? The world-famous orchestral piece ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ is from the Tsar of Saltan opera.

The Scene

In the opening scene of the fairytale, the Tsar of Saltan is introduced as a warrior-knight who happens upon three sisters and chooses the youngest for his wife.

The design is full of energy, bright colours, and fine detail. Just look at the Tsar’s feathered headdress and white stallion adorned in gold braid and red tassels. We especially love the floral border along the bottom. It’s loads of fun to stitch.

The Project

Brace yourself. It’s a full coverage cross stitch measuring 45x65cm (14 count Aida) and requires 88,200 stitches. Yikes. If you do tackle this one we strongly suggest gridding your fabric and using the fabulous Pattern Keeper App.

The Artist

Boris Zvorykin was one of Russia’s leading Art Nouveau illustrators and painters. He lived from 1872 – 1942 and self-published many books of poetry and traditional Russian folklore. You can fine more charts of Zvorykin’s artwork in our store.

Matching Charts

If you really love a challenge we’re creating 5 more patterns in Zvorykin’s Tsar of Saltan series (6 in total). They are all uniform sizes and repeat the same brilliant turquoise, teal, coral, and gold tones across all 6 designs.

Additional information

Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 245 x 360 stitches (44.5 x 65.3cm)


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