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Van Gogh Self Portrait with Palette Cross Stitch Pattern

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How about cross stitching Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait?

This Post-Impressionist masterpiece is replicated in all its glory and you’ll be stitching in luminous blue and gold tones.

It’s like having your very own art gallery.



Our Van Gogh self-portrait cross stitch was inspired by one of the world’s most recognisable paintings, the incredible 1889 self-portrait by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

It’s hard not to love the gorgeous colour palette Van Gogh chose for the painting, and the amazing brushstrokes in varying shades of royal navy, cornflower, antique and baby blue. They are reminiscent of the Starry Night which was completed around the same time. Perfect for the DMC palette.

The Project

Our cross stitch project recreates the painting in vivid detail, including the textured brushstrokes, luminous blue tones, paints and colour palette. It is a large, full coverage project and you’ll need almost 100 different DMC threads. Are you up for the challenge?

NOTE: we do our best to choose symbols that are easy to identify, but it’s very challenging on large charts like this one. We do recommend using Pattern Keeper App to manage Van Gogh Self-Portrait Cross Stitch.

The Painting

The 1889 Self-Portrait with palette was completed while Van Gogh was at a mental asylum. He had admitted himself and spent more than a year confined to the gardens or his room. Here’s a little bit about the history of the painting and the artists’ stay at the asylum from the National Gallery, USA website:

In early July 1889 while painting in the fields near the asylum, Van Gogh suffered a severe breakdown that could have been a symptom of epilepsy. Incapacitated for five weeks and greatly unnerved by the experience, the artist retreated to his studio, refusing to go out even to the garden. This painting is the first work he produced after recovering from that episode.

This self–portrait is a particularly bold painting, apparently executed in a single sitting without later retouching. Here Van Gogh portrayed himself at work, dressed in his artist’s smock with his palette and brushes in hand.

National Gallery of Art

The Asylum

If you are interested in the final years of Van Gogh and his extraordinary creative achievements, this excellent article published by The Guardian details his time at the asylum in Saint-Paul de Mausole.

The Artist

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-impressionist painter who is arguably one of the world’s most famous and influential artists. It’s sadly ironic that he hardly sold a painting during his life (living in poverty for all of his career), but now reproductions of his artwork can be found on cushions, wall prints, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, screensavers … and of course cross stitch projects.

His work is defined by his bright colours (oh, the Starry Night) and thick, expressive brush strokes. We are so excited about developing more cross stitch patterns of our favourite Vincent Van Gogh paintings. Keep calling back to the store as we add more and more.

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Pattern Keeper


14 count Aida cloth 350 x 459 stitches (63.5 x 83.3cm)


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