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Finding Stuff on Our Website

We aim to make shopping for cross stitch patterns easy, safe and fun so we’ve spent a lot of time developing pattern categories and search filters. These tools allow you to quickly find the patterns you like.

Video Guide

In this video, we’ll show you how to:

  • Find what’s new and on-sale in the shop.
  • View patterns by price, size, difficulty, and accent colours.
  • Browse the 210 different product categories.
  • Locate fine art replicas by artists or art movement.
  • Search for specific artists or subjects.

Our store is growing every day and we’ll continue to update this video as we add new search tools and pattern categories.

PS: We’re adding video tutorials for cross stitching, pattern design, and project ideas. Please like and subscribe to our channel and share with your friends.

Key Search Links

The following links will take you directly to key areas of our store.

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