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How to Use Your Discount Coupon

Do you have a discount coupon for our online shop but not sure how to use it? This article walks you through everything you need to know, because discount coupons make cross stitching even more affordable and fun.

What are Discount Coupons?

We regularly reward our customers and people who have joined our mailing list with freebies and discount Coupons. Here’s a few examples of what you can expect:

  • Percentage Discounts: eg, if you join our email list you get 25% off your next order. It’s a one-time use coupon that applies to all full priced items in a single order.
  • Fixed Price Discounts: eg, if you have a have a problem with your order, sometimes we issue a fixed price coupon so you can get another pattern for free. Varies according to circumstance.
  • Product Coupons: eg, sometimes we reward our longterm customers with product coupons so they can grab new charts that have just been published at discounted prices (sometimes they’re free). Join our email list if you’re keen for some product coupons.

All discount coupons have rules about how (and when) they can be used, so always check the email that accompanies the coupon for the full list of terms and conditions.


Get your 25% discount coupon when you opt-in to our secure email list.


Some discount coupons have a use-by date, so don’t forget to use them.


Now use your discount coupon on any full-priced item in the store.

Using discount coupons

Using your coupon is easy, at the top of the Checkout screen:

  • Select ‘CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE’ to open the coupon dialogue box.
  • Enter the coupon code.
  • Click the right arrow to apply it to your purchase.
  • The text ‘coupon code applied successfully‘ will appear on screen.
using discount coupons on cross stitch patterns online

Enter the coupon code, then click the right arrow to apply to your purchase. Now scroll down to the payment box (below right) to see the coupon applied to your purchase.

coupon code payment area @ cross stitch patterns online

If the coupon is valid, the discount will be applied immediately.

Personalised Coupons

Sometimes a discount coupon is personalised, so that only you can use it. Personalised coupons are linked to an email address and you must be logged in to your account to apply it to a purchase.

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