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What is ‘Pattern Keeper’ App?

Pattern Keeper is a smartphone app that helps you manage and track your cross stitch projects.

We believe that Pattern Keeper greatly enhances your stitching experience so we include an extra ‘Pattern Keeper chart’ with every cross stitch pattern that we sell.

We test all our charts in the Pattern Keeper app before publishing in the store. When you buy cross stitch pattens from us, you know they’ll work in the app.

If you haven’t used or heard of Pattern Keeper before now, we encourage you to check it out. It really is a game-changer, especially if you are stitching large, full coverage projects.

If you use a highlighter to mark off the areas you’ve already stitched on paper patterns you’ll love using Pattern Keeper App.

Pattern Keeper App FAQs

What does Pattern Keeper do?

Pattern Keeper app is used to read and manage PDF cross stitch patterns. Open your PDF chart in the app and you can easily view your chart, make areas larger or smaller, and track your progress.

It’s especially good for very large patterns that extend over multiple pages, as you won’t have to worry about confusing page breaks. Inside the app, your charts always display as one continuous pattern

Probably the best feature though, is the ability to highlight the symbols on the pattern. Now you can see exactly where to stitch and then mark-off the areas you have already finished.

Do all PDF cross stitch patterns work in Pattern Keeper App?

No. Pattern Keeper has strict coding requirements and protocols that reject incompatible symbols, text, and characters from the charts. Unless the designer has followed all the coding requirements the pattern may not work properly inside the app.

A Pattern Keeper supported designer, as well as charts that have been tested and verified in the app, can be identified by the official badge on a designer’s website or the individual patterns.

Look for the following badges.

pattern keeper verified chart badges

Do the patterns in the Cross Stitch Patterns Online shop work with Pattern Keeper App?

Yes, we love the app and want it to work for you too. We follow the Pattern Keeper coding requirements when developing all our charts and test everything in the app before publishing the charts for sale.

We also fully support our patterns, so if you import your chart into Pattern Keeper and it doesn’t work you can reach out to us for help. If there is a problem on our end, we’ll fix it for you.

Are you affiliated with Pattern Keeper in any way?

We are a Pattern Keeper supported designer but we don’t get any kickbacks for promoting the app. We simply love the app and believe it makes stitching from a PDF cross stitch pattern easier. It also greatly reduces mistakes.

Where can I get Pattern Keeper App?

Look for Pattern Keeper in the Google Play store. It is not yet available for iOS, but we live in hope.

Cross Stitch Patterns Online

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