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Pricing Structure

Digital Cross Stitch Patterns

Our pricing structure is very simple, all our cross stitch patterns are priced according to size. Our base currency is Australian dollars but you can use the currency switcher in the menu bar to view the prices (and pay) in your own currency.

Sizing KeyPriceSize
MicroAUD $3.50<7cm
MiniAUD $6.007-10cm
SmallAUD $8.5010-15cm
MediumAUD $11.0015-30cm
LargeAUD 13.5030-50cm
X-LargeAUD $16.0050-80cm
HugeAUD $21.00>100cm

Fully customised charts

Send us your own photo, drawing, or painting and we’ll create a fully customised chart that works perfectly with Pattern Keeper App. You can pre-select the grid size, maximum colour count, and palette (DMC, Anchor, etc). You’ll receive your PDF chart back within 48 hours via email.

Service KeyPriceService
SimpleAUD $50Converting a photo or artwork into cross stitch with minimal editing to the image.
ComplexAUD $75Extracting elements from a photo or artwork and creating a cross stitch pattern.
RemembranceAUD $100 Fully personalised cross stitch to remember the special people in your life or celebrate special occasions.
Can include text and multiple photos.

photo of collie dog converted to cross stitch

Need Some Ideas?

For project ideas and inspiration, read our hands-on blog 5 Tips for Converting a Photo to Cross Stitch.

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