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Refund Policy

Having a problem?

We fully support our digital cross stitch patterns but we don’t issue refunds if you simply changed your mind. If you’ve encountered an error with your chart, or something is missing or not working, please get in touch straight away so we can sort it out.

Everything can be resolved with a polite email.

Requesting a refund

If you believe that a product you purchased from Cross Stitch Patterns Online is defective or inferior — you may request a refund in writing by filling out the contact form below within 24 hours of purchase.

Refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We consider any reasonable request (where there is evidence your concerns are genuine) and the charts have not been used, shared, or copied.

Refunds will not be processed because you simply changed your mind.

Refunds, if approved, are processed using to the original payment method and (once processed) may take 7-10 working days to appear on your bank statement. Processing times are dictated by your bank or credit card institution and beyond our control.

Refund Request Procedure

Please email us on or outlining the details of your concern. We’re usually back in touch within a few hours — remembering we are in the Asia-Pacific region (timezone Singapore/Manila/Perth).

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