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Saving a Payment Method

Our cross stitch store has a sophisticated back-end which allows you 24/7 access to the eBooks and patterns that you purchase from us.

It’s easy to save a payment method for future purchases. Here’s how.

1. Login to your account by clicking on the account icon (face with circle) on the upper right of your screen, then enter your username (ie, email address) and password.

screenshot of accounts area @ cross stitch patterns online

2. Save your credit card or debit card in the payment methods area by clicking ‘add payment’ method.

screenshot of accounts area

3. Now enter your card number, expiry date, and CVC number, then ‘add payment method’. Your card is now stored securely and can be used to buy your next digital cross stitch pattern.

screenshot of accounts area @ cross stitch patterns online

4. That’s it, you’re done. Now when you see a pattern you like, you can buy it with a minimum of fuss.

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