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What We Sell

We are a 100% online store selling high quality digital cross stitch patterns.

In our store you’ll find a huge range of beautiful projects to stitch — everything from sweeping landscapes, famous artworks, and wildlife — to fancy Christmas decorations, remembrances, and bookmarks.

Whether you are looking for a project for the weekend, or the whole winter, there is something for you in our store.

Even better, once you’ve paid for your chart, you’ll have instant access to the files — so you can get stitching right away.

More than a Store

We believe that the role of our cross stitch patterns, eBooks, and stitching tutorials is to help people unleash their creative potential through embroidery, decorative sewing, and textile art.

PDF Charts

All our digital cross stitch patterns are in PDF format and fully downloadable. We DO NOT sell kits or physical products.


We fully support all the digital patterns in our shop. Just email us if something isn’t quite right with your order and we’ll be on it.


Not ready to make a purchase just yet? No problem! Just download one of our free charts and test them out for yourself.

What you get with your purchase

When you buy a cross stitch pattern from us, you’ll instantly receive a link to a downloadable .ZIP file. Inside the .ZIP you will find two files:

  1. PDF cross stitch pattern with a range of chart sizes + thread key, chart map, and project preview.
  2. Extra PDF chart that has been verified and tested for Pattern Keeper App.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pattern Keeper chart is a very odd looking pattern, but don’t worry, it will work perfectly in the App. Even though the pattern is in black and white the threads will display in full colour.

Download a sample chart

Browse the images below for an idea of what our patterns look like, or better still, download the Unicorn Bubbles Sample Chart and test it for yourself.

What is a .ZIP file?

To minimise bandwidth and reduce download times, we compress our PDF patterns into .ZIP files. After your download is complete all you need to do is ‘unzip’ the file by the either double-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking and selecting ‘extract all’ (PC).

Benefits of digital patterns

Digital cross stitch patterns have forever changed the way we craft and embroider. And it’s awesome.

Here’s are some of our favourite features of PDF charts:

They last forever.

You can download them within seconds of an online purchase.

If you see a pattern online at midnight, you can just buy that sucker and be stitching at 12.01am.

You can keep the pattern on your smart phone and easily swap between devices.

You can make enlarged prints with your home printer.

Stitching with Pattern Keeper App.

You’re not forced into kits, you can use the thread you already have in the house.

Of course there’s a million more reasons why we love (and decided to dedicate our career to) digital cross stitch patterns. These are just our favourites.

Symbols and Readability

Pattern symbols that are hard to read (or look the same) are super annoying, and we do our best to use characters that stand out on the chart.

That said, it’s not always possible to eliminate similarities.

We chart a lot of fine art and paintings, and these full coverage projects can have upwards of 150 different colours. When this happens we don’t have a lot of control over the symbols.

PLEASE NOTE: if you buy a pattern from us and there’s a symbol that’s really causing you stress (eg, the different facing arrows) just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to find something you like.

Printing Charts

All our patterns display on standard A4 (short bond) portrait and generally have between 45-55 stitches per page. Any more than 55 stitches on the page and you’ll find the symbols too hard to read when the pattern is printed.

Again, if you get a chart that’s not displaying correctly when printed, we are only an email away.

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