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Where’s the Download Link?

Just bought a pattern and haven’t received the download link? Please don’t worry, we fully support all our patterns and will make sure you receive everything you ordered.

Normally your download link arrives within a few seconds of placing your order, but sometimes mishaps occur. Here’s a checklist for troubleshooting.

(1) Read Support Desk Article

  • Have you read the support desk article Receiving Your Digital Products? It details the three different places you can find your download link — with screenshots.

(2) No Success Screen

  • Do you still have your browser open after placing your order?
  • Have you checked all open tabs?
  • Did you use a different browser? Maybe it’s still open.
  • Did you pay with PAYPAL? Sometimes the download link doesn’t appear onscreen if you use PAYPAL.

(3) No Confirmation Email

  • Was your credit card, debit card, or PAYPAL payment processed successfully?
  • Has it been at least 10 minutes since placing your order?
  • Have you checked your junk mail/spam folder for the confirmation email?

(4) No Downloads in Account

  • Have you tried logging into your account on our website? If you don’t know how to login, read the support desk article Logging Into Your Account.
  • Have you checked the DOWNLOADS tab? Is there definitely no link to your recent purchase?

(5) Contact Customer Service

  • Thanks for taking the time to go through each of the troubleshooting steps.
  • Please email or and provide details of (a) what you purchased and (b) how you paid.
  • You can also message us on Facebook.
  • We’re usually in touch within a few hours — remembering that we are located in the Asia-Pacific region and may be in a different timezone to you.

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