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Hi all, I’ve just created this new website Cross Stitch Patterns Online and excited to share my love of cross stitching. I’ll update the site with a professional bio, but wanted to get something up straight away so you guys would know that I’m a real person, and the patterns you are buying were made by someone who adores cross stitching.

advance australia fair in cross stitch

Both my grandmothers (as well as my mum) were keen stitchers and taught me embroidery and sewing when I was very small. As a kid I loved making doll’s clothes and practicing embroidery with my grandmothers, then through my teens and early 20s I sewed my own clothes and designed fashions. But I didn’t start I cross stitching until I was 25.

My first large cross stitch project is photographed here — it’s an Advance Australia Fair design (Australian national anthem and wildflowers) and my mum still has it on her wall. She photographed it for me a few days ago so I could it include it here on the new website.

Creating cross stitch patterns online

So how did this all start? Well, I hadn’t done any embroidery for years (after going all corporate career mad) but due to pandemic isolation, suddenly bought a DMC kit online a few weeks ago. Next thing I was making my own patterns and had the idea to use my skills in web design and SEO copywriting to build something cool and share the charts with all of you.

As I write this I think there are only 8 charts in the store (so it’s very early days) — but I have a vision of a beautiful online place where cross stitchers can connect with each other. A place with thousands of interesting and unusual designs to stitch — as well as all the traditional favourites.

Even better, the patterns that I sell here online will also contribute to the free education and literacy programs I deliver to the kids of the Philippines. I’ll publish more about that in the coming weeks.

my first cross stitch completed on linen, part of a set of 3 flower pots
my first cross stitch completed on linen, part of a set of 3 flower pots
my first cross stitch completed on linen, part of a set of 3 flower pots
my first cross stitch completed on linen, part of a set of 3 flower pots

One of my earlier projects and the first time I stitched on linen. This set of three flowerports is still hanging in mum’s house and she photographed so I could share it with you here. Apolgies for the blurry shots, but my mum is nearly 80!

I’m looking forward to creating new patterns and uploading them to the shop everyday — as well as blogging my own projects and sharing cross stitch love to all. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you’ve found something to inspire you to more cross stitching.

Wishing you peace, love, and joy — and more threads.

Mel xx

my new cross stitch space
So wonderful bringing cross stitch back into my life after all these years.