News: April 4, 2021

Weekly Cross Stitch Report. Morecoupons

What an awesome week we’ve had. Heaps of new patterns in-store (including the Spring and Summer panel from Alphonse Mucha’s 1896 The Seasons), a full guide to using Coupons, plus the full thread keys are now displayed in every new listing. Read on to find out how we’re making our cross stitch store even easier to use.

Product of the Week

Looking for some silver screen magic for your favourite wall? This fantastic representation of Dorothy’s magical Ruby Slippers looks awesome in cross stitch. And it’s marked down by more than 50% for 7 whole days.

Our pattern of the week was inspired by the Wizard of Oz and replicates the shiny ruby shoes, blue ankle socks and yellow brick road in vivid detail.


We also have three gold-orange toned patterns at reduced prices this week. Check them out (especially if you are a Tauras) before they return to regular pricing.


What’s new in-store?

There are so many new patterns in the store this week, just check these out.

FAUNAVERSE — our friends at Faunaverse have released another pattern, the happy and handsome Blue-Winged Kookaburra. What we especially love about Faunaverse designs is that each of the bird and animal subjects is photographed in the wild.

ALPHONSE MUCHA — one of the Czech Republic’s most famous artists, this painter and illustrator shot to fame when a stage actress commissioned him to produce a range of theatre posters to promote her work. We’ve just begun transcribing the awesome 1896 Four Seasons into Cross Stitch. Look for more of these next week.

MARVIN RAPHAEL — our favourite Philippine artist has release another fashion-themed design. We think you’ll love his take on the well-loved chic-flick ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’.

SANCTA SERIES — Nichoale Roerich’s Santa Series is a deeply symbolic set of paintings. Set in historical Russia, each painting symbolises a step in the spiritual journey. This week we published Sancta #4 And We Continue Fishing, a beautiful representation of persistence against an red afternoon sun.


Coupons and Store Credits

using a coupon or store credit @ Cross Stitch Patterns Online

We regularly reward our customers and Cross Stitch Club Members with freebies and discount Coupons. Check out our full guide to getting the most from your shopping experience here at Cross Stitch Patterns Online.


More Chart Information on Display

As from April 21, 2021 we are displaying the full Thread Key and Chart Map on all new listings. Now you can stocktake your DMC threads before purchase, plus plan your final design and fabric quantities.


Coming soon

We try to add new products to the store most days and usually have about 15-20 projects under development. Right now we have loads more patterns from our featured artist Faunaverse in progress, as well as some early 20th Centry Kitsche Fairies.

Next week we hope to publish the Girl with the Pearl Earring, more from Russian artists Ivan Bilibin and Boris Zvoykin (Art Noureau illustrations of Russian folk tales), and a Van Gogh self-portrait. Expect the Van Gogh later today.

We’re also working on vintage Quaker Samplers — stuff from around 1799-1860. We’re having so much fun transcribing the patterns and we’ve been stitching them too. Another 2-3 weeks for these.



DON’T FORGET: all our patterns are now formatted for PATTERN KEEPER

We are now issuing a specially formatted ‘Pattern Keeper’ version of our PDF cross stitch charts with every purchase.

Pattern Keeper is an awesome way to use your PDF cross stitch charts — you can track your progress, quickly highlight blocks of single colour, and even mark off areas that you have already stitched.

Over the past few weeks we’ve reviewed all our cross stitch patterns and ensured the a pattern keeper chart will automatically download with your purchase.

This chart is formatted for Pattern keeper. Cross Stitch Patterns Online.
Our patterns are fully compatible with Pattern Keeper, the awesome way to stitch from PDF cross stitch charts. Look for the specially formatted Pattern Keeper chart in your ZIP file after purchase.

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