News: Feb 8, 2021

What’s new and cool in the cross stitch store this week?

So much happening at Cross Stitch Patterns Online. Loads of new patterns in store, plus we’ve started working with new designers and featured artists. Even more exciting, we’re about to publish our first eBook ‘The Cross Stitch Quick Start Guide‘ in the next few days. Read on to learn more.

Product of the Week

This week’s product of the week is a gorgeous project inspired by an early 20th century painting of a monastery in Himalayan Ladakh, India. The Lamayuru Monastery has a long and rich history (dating back as early as 956AD) and is still the site of many cultural festivals.

Painted by Russian artist and world traveller Nicholas Roerich, the Buddhist Monastery sits in the morning glow, between the Himalayan Mountains and cloud swirls in DMC blue violet, coral and lavender.

The counted cross stitch project produces a spectacular finished piece, yet it’s not terribly difficult to complete as there are many blocks of single colour.

You can buy this beautiful cross stitch for 1/2 price until midnight, 14 February 2021.

NOTE: all our products are PDF cross stitch patterns only, you need to buy the thread, cloth, and needles separately.

Lamayuru Monastery in Ladakh, India. Original photograph by Dmitry A. Mottl.
Lamayuru monastery, Ladakh in modern times, by Dmitry A. Mottl.

What’s new in-store?

Over the last week we’ve added some brilliantly colourful cross stitch. New projects include Russian Art Nouveau illustrations, an Australian historical masterpiece, African wildlife, the American Statue of Liberty, and the artwork of our featured designer Marvin Raphael Monfort.

Featured Artist Marvin Raphael

We are thrilled to announce a new artist here at Cross Stitch Patterns Online. Marvin Raphael Monfort is an Ilonggo artist and fashion designer from the Western Visayan region of the Philippines.

Mr Monfort has granted us exclusive use of some of his favourite anime, cosmetic and textile art — look for them in PDF cross stitch patterns over the next few weeks. You won’t find these designs anywhere else online.

Coming soon

We try to add new products to the store most days and usually have about 15-20 projects under development. In the coming weeks look out for Marvin Raphael’s trendy Fashionista, the famous Australian painting ‘Bailed Up’ and some of the NRL football emblems (Australian Rugby League). We are also working on contemporary zodiac symbols (as a full set of 12 or individually) and some Dutch masterpieces (Girl with Pearl Earring and Van Gogh’s Still Life with Sunflowers).

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