News: March 13, 2021

What’s up this week in our cross stitch store?

Plenty of new patterns for you to stitch this week: Australian wildlife, a la mode fashionistas, and your astrological sun sign (in bright bold colours). If you’re new to cross stitch, we’ve just published a step-by-step guide to reading a pattern. Read on for more.

Product of the Week

Looking for something bright, bold, and totally a la mode? This fantastic street scene by Italian artist Alberto Magnelli is our latest Product of the Week (50% off for 7 whole days). The gorgeous DMC palette is sure to brighten up your house, condo, terrace, shop, or even a commercial office space.

The original painting was completed by the artist during a trip to Paris in 1914, and we are thrilled to transform it into a breathtaking cross stitch pattern for you to stitch.

Here’s a few more details:

Name: The Cafe 1914.
Stitching: Counted Cross Stitch.
Cloth: 14 Count Aida.
Original artwork: The Cafe, 1914 painting by Alberto Magnelli.
Approximate size: 250 x 207 (stitches), 45.4cm x 37.6cm (design area).
Palette: DMC.
Colour Count: 27.

NOTE: all our products are PDF cross stitch patterns only, you need to buy the thread, cloth, and needles separately.


What’s new in-store?

The past few days have been very exciting in our online store. We’ve just published 6 new patterns: 3 more from the bold zodiac series, a bright and colourful sugar skull, and another haute design from the work of Alexandra Exter (the Russian avant-garde painter we introduced last week). But doesn’t that only make 5?

You’re right. We also published our very first pattern from the Faunaverse collection of wildlife photographs, and we’re so excited we thought they deserved a whole paragraph to themselves. Check the store for their simply stunning Cairns Birdwing Butterfly, now in cross stitch. You’ll love the exciting parrot greens and Christmas reds against cool lemon and black wings. It’s super-fun to stitch.



How to read a cross stitch pattern

Have you been thinking about getting started in cross stitch but not quite sure how to navigate the symbols and funny markings? We published this blog post for people like you. In just a few paragraphs (and with plenty of pictures) we unpack the different parts of a typical cross stitch pattern, then explain how to read the symbols and work the thread.

banner image for a blog using a vintage cross stitch pattern

Coming soon

We try to add new products to the store most days and usually have about 15-20 projects under development. We have loads more patterns from our featured artists Marvin Raphael and Faunaverse in progress, and hope to publish large batches of their work in the coming weeks.

Also look out for the last of the Bold Zodiac Series (we only have a few more of these to publish) as well as some Dutch masterpieces (Girl with Pearl Earring and Still Life with Sunflowers). We’ve been promising those Dutch paintings for more than a few weeks now, but (as you can imagine) there is a lot of work in creating an ‘actual size’ cross stitch pattern of Van Gogh’s famous sunflowers. Yes the finished pattern will produce a cross stitch the exactly same size as the original painting. Keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.



Our patterns are now formatted for PATTERN KEEPER

As from the 23 February 2021, all our charts may be used with the Pattern Keeper App. Pattern Keeper is an awesome way to use your PDF cross stitch charts — you can track your progress, quickly highlight blocks of single colour, and even mark off areas that you have already stitched.

We are now issuing a specially formatted ‘Pattern Keeper’ version of our PDF cross stitch charts with every purchase. If the Pattern Keeper chart is missing from your ZIP file, just shoot us an email and we’ll send it over completely free.

This chart is formatted for Pattern keeper. Cross Stitch Patterns Online.
Our patterns are fully compatible with Pattern Keeper, the awesome way to stitch from PDF cross stitch charts. Look for the specially formatted Pattern Keeper chart in your ZIP file after purchase.

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