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Weekly Cross Stitch Report. We’republishingbigger and better

After taking a publishing break, we are back with our weekly cross stitch reports. Each week we update you on new products, new posts and (best of all) what’s on sale for the week.

Since our last update in March we’ve done a full review of the store, revamped each and every pattern listing (so it looks better and is easier to stitch), plus published a heap of new patterns for you. Read on to find out how we’re making cross stitching even more fun.

Product of the Week

Looking for a something lunar and magical for your favourite wall? This gorgeous nymph hanging from a bright crescent moon is the perfect cross stitch. Plus it’s marked down by 50% for 7 whole days.

Our pattern of the week was inspired by a vintage kitsch painting by Spanish painter Luis Ricardo Falero. It’s simply stunning and translated perfectly to a transparent background using black Aida cloth.

You’ll adore the beautiful DMC colour palette and the way the moon nymph’s hair dark spills out into the night sky — as well as stitching the individual stars and constellations in Shell Grey, Ecru and Tin.


We also have three premium patterns at reduced prices this week. Check them out (especially if you are an Aries) before they return to regular pricing.

What’s new in-store?

There are so many new patterns in the store, just check these out.

FAUNAVERSE — your favourite wildlife photographers have released two new designs. Their famous Boyd’s Dragon Head (which you might recognise from their logo) and the chequered swallowtail butterfly. It’s a fairly well-known arthropod but still looks amazing in cross stitch.

LAWREN HARRIS — we’ve transformed some of the early work of Canadian artist Lawren Harris into gorgeous cross stitch patterns. The three winter scenes around Lake Superior make awesome cross stitch projects.

ALBERTO VARUGS — this Latin American artist was famous for his pin-girl paintings of the early 20s, 30s and 40s. He also famously painted the cover art for THE CARS ‘Candy-O’ album. Now we have two of his most famous works in the store — Memories or Olive and Dragonfly. They are a little bit naughty and totally kitsche.

POMOLOGY SERIES — pomology is a branch of botany that studies the cultivation of fruits. This week we’ve transformed 2 x vintage pomological drawings (lemons and limes) into cross stitch patterns. They actually match the Tangerine we published early last year.

New publishing formats

At the beginning of the year we were thrilled to have published 100 patterns in the store. And after reaching that milestone it was time for a quick audit and review.

We asked you a lot of questions and the great new is — we listened. Here’s what we’ve done to make the store even better for you.

Featured images

You let us know the featured images were too small and looked awkward squeezed onto the white (square) background. We responded by changing every featured image in the store, publishing instead the full cross stitch preview — so it is now visible from the home page. We also included a screen shot of the chart map in the gallery.

Thread Information

You wanted more information about the thread quantities before purchase. We responded by displaying the full Thread Key in the gallery on all new listings. Now you can check your DMC stocks and estimate the cost of the project before buying the pattern.


You let us know that some of the patterns seemed to have a lot of speckling, and looked like they would be very difficult to complete. We agreed and actually reworked about 30 of the patterns, reducing the thread count and removing the speckling.

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated in the recent survey and for the feedback you provided. We remain committed to providing outstanding cross stitch patterns that deliver a fun stitching experience and produce an awesome final project. Something you will be delighted to hang on the wall or gift to someone special.

Coming soon

We try to add new products to the store most days and usually have about 15-20 projects under development. Right now we have loads more patterns from our featured artists Marvin Raphael and Faunaverse in progress, look out for them in the days ahead.

Next week we hope to publish the last of Nicholas Roerich’s Sancta series (we already have 4 published and only 2 remain). At the same time we are still working on our life-sized replica of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, as well as some of his amazing self-portraits. Stitch some of these and you’ll have your very own fine art gallery.

We’re also replicating some vintage Quaker Samplers — stuff from around 1799-1860. We’re having so much fun transcribing the patterns but they do take a lot of time. Expect the first of these in about 3 weeks.


DON’T FORGET: all our patterns are now formatted for PATTERN KEEPER

We are now issuing a specially formatted ‘Pattern Keeper’ version of our PDF cross stitch charts with every purchase.

Pattern Keeper is an awesome way to use your PDF cross stitch charts — you can track your progress, quickly highlight blocks of single colour, and even mark off areas that you have already stitched.

Over the past few weeks we’ve reviewed all our cross stitch patterns and ensured the a pattern keeper chart will automatically download with your purchase.

This chart is formatted for Pattern keeper. Cross Stitch Patterns Online.
Our patterns are fully compatible with Pattern Keeper, the awesome way to stitch from PDF cross stitch charts. Look for the specially formatted Pattern Keeper chart in your ZIP file after purchase.

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