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How many unfinished cross stitch projects do you have lurking around your house? Like every cross stitcher alive we have more than a few, and this year we’re determined to get them done.

In our first blog of the year we’d like to share our 2022 cross stitch resolutions. And the first one is about writing itself. Considering our owner and founder is a professional writer, blogging has to be at the top of the list.

1. Write the creative cross stitch life

Up until the end of 2019 we wrote everyday, we sang everyday, we played guitar everyday, we blogged everyday. Well it seemed like we did.

But in February 2020 the world stopped. And so did we.

Once COVID19 hit the Philippines and herded everyone into some of the strictest lockdowns in the world, writing became heavy.

We just clammed up tight and totally withdrew from the world and pretty much everyone in it.

Ok enough said on that for now. It will flow again.

Beginning immediately, in 2022 we hereby resolve to start blogging again. Blogging and sharing the creative life. Maybe by 2023 we’ll again be writing poetry, singing, playing guitar, and using all the cool cross stitch clothes and decor we started last year.

2. Finish the stuff we want to use

Cross stitchers have a bit of a reputation for having piles of unfinished projects. Apart from all the amazing patterns and projects available to stitch, it’s really really hard to commit to the task when you realised you’ve got to frog the last 3 hours work.

What is frogging?

If you’re feeling confused when everyone starts talking about ‘frogs’ or ‘frogging’ on Facebook, you aren’t alone. Frogging just means to rip out your completed cross stitches eg, ‘rip-it rip-it’. It was originally coined by the crochet community.

pile of unfinished cross stitch projects

It was a year of starting stuff

In 2021 we started even more new projects. It wasn’t planned that way but the Philippines had incredibly strict lockdowns for most of the year.

While stuck in a tiny apartment with a bored 13 year old we found out how cheap it was to have craft supplies sent over from China, then delivered to the front door.

Now that was fun.

We started making cross stitch bookmarks, canvas totes, beaded jewellery, colour swatches, hanging decorations in bamboo hoops, greeting cards, bunting, Christmas tassels — the list goes on.

And how many of those projects did we actually finish, photograph, and get in the store?

We’ll leave you to guess the answer to that.

We hereby resolve to finish the canvas tote bags, bookmarks and Christmas decoration projects left over from 2021 and get them on the website during 2022.

3. Commit to our BIG LOVE project

Our third resolution is to commit to the BIG LOVE Cross Stitch Project.

In 2019 we lost our sponsored child Rosemarie. Our beloved Rosemarie was 18 years old and had been living with a severe disability since a seizure at age 9. Her sudden death from a heart attack was a shock to us all.

Rosemarie’s family live in abject poverty and did the best they could to give her a good life. She was well loved and brought a lot of joy with her cheeky grin and heart for mischief. We miss her terribly.

This 2022 we hereby resolve to community stitch a remembrance to Rosemarie, frame and present to her family for her birthday in December 2022.

This photo is actually a still frame from a video we took of Rosemarie about a year before she died. She was opening a gift we had carefully placed in a pink bag. As you can see she loved pink. It was the inspiration for the cross stitch remembrance to be stitched on black Aida cloth.

The BIG LOVE Project is a community stitch that will involve the people who loved and cared for Rosemarie. Everyone will actually make some stitches on the canvas so it carries the love of everyone she knew. We’ll be blogging about this through the year so look out for this on our Facebook page and emails.

4. Hold to the dream

We lost sight of our dreams (and everything really) at the beginning of 2020. A lot of people did. But it’s time to get out there again. Into the living and into the light.

We have so many exciting ideas and visions for Cross Stitch Patterns Online, so in 2022 we hereby resolve to materialise those dreams into a wonderful online space for cross stitchers everywhere.

That’s it for us. These 4 x cross stitch resolutions will keep us super busy this year.

How about you? If you felt like you lost a part of yourself in 2020 and 2021, share your vision of 2022 right now. It’s a safe space here and your response will be respected and honoured.

Need Some Stitching Ideas?

Here’s a selection of our charts that have pink accents and undertones — pink was Rosemarie’s favourite colour.

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